Take charge of your schedule. So you can stop paying for practices your child never has time to attend and instead help them learn valuable team and life skills that develops them as leaders and works on your family’s time.


You choose how often you practice, MBsand’s training is flexible.  PAY AS YOU GO, No long term commitments.
Beach volleyball training year round for boys and girls 10-17 years-old.
ALL LEVELS ARE WELCOME, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.
We consider Advanced players, those who compete often and make it to playoffs!

School year practices. September 19 to June 13, M T F 4:30-6:30. During Day Light Savings 3:30-5:15 pm

Summer practices. July and August. M T TH F, 5:00-7:00pm. June 26-August 25

MBsand hosts some Weekend scrimmages, queen of the court format. We invite players from other clubs to grow the sport and foster new partnerships.

Private and semiprivate training is available by appointment only, please contact coaches Patty Dodd (310) 227-6668 or mbsandvbc@gmail.com
Mike Dodd (310) 227-6627, Seain Cook (805) 722 6385, Alex Ukkelberg, (320) 333-5735, Alex Amylon (401) 678-6568, Chelsea Ross (615) 403-9579


Tournament Coaching is limited to pre/post game and timeout coaching. No coaching allowed during play. Patty Dodd attends most South Bay tournaments, no coaching fee for MBsand players. WEAR MBsand uniform to all tournaments.

Want to have a coach dedicated to just your kid? hire Seain, Alex or Chelsea to coach for the day. See numbers above.

10 Reasons Your Kid And You Will Love Beach Volleyball

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Written by Patty Dodd.