“Patty and Mike Dodd are amazing and MBsand has been so great to my daughter, Erin. They have taught her how to be an incredible volleyball player and partner. They really encourage sportsmanship, which is a huge part of volleyball. Patty treats Erin like a daughter and that makes me so happy. I know Patty and Mike truly care about every kid they train. They are very special coaches and my family thanks them so much for everything they do for us and all the MBsand kids.

Becky I. MBsand mom. Erin Inskeep 2023 Cal Ply SLO

“If I may just give a brief but HUGE thank you to Patty and Mike Dodd…our daughter has been part of MB Sand for many years, Patty has provided the most valuable coaching and mentoring to Colby. Patty embodies all attributes that Colby strives to have both on the sand and in life—resilience, insight, integrity, competitiveness, calmness, class, and poise. Patty & Mike are amazing coaches and even better human beings!! We will miss them very much!.

Allycyn Bennett. MBsand mom. Colby Bennett, USC 2021

“Patty is a top level volleyball coach who genuinely cares about her students and helping them develop as much as possible.

Claire, MBsand mom. Clara, Stanford 2023

I just wanted to thank you for allowing Ingrid to represent MBsand at the BVCA Club Challenge this weekend. It was such a joy and a thrill to be a part of the team and the way all the girls stepped up against college committed Juniors and Seniors was impressive to say the least. They showed poise, intelligence and grit. All thanks to you and the MBsand method. It was an incredible experience for players and parents alike. We were the youngest team by far but we showed the most heart. And all the MBsand families who gathered there to root on their girls were the very definition of kind, supportive and warm.

Jeff Timon, MBsand dad. Ingrid, LMU 2024

Dear Coach Patty and Coach Mike,
I can’t thank you enough for always making me feel like one of your own. Each time I train with MBsand I return home a stronger player. I credit so much of my development to your training excellence and really value the privilege and opportunity to train with you all. Your guidance and skills I have learned at MBsand were extremely valuable to my recruiting process and I will forever be grateful for that! I look forward to continuing my training at MBsand! 

Jordyn MacTavish, TCU 2023

Thank you again for coaching the kids this past week.  They learned so much and had an amazing time!  I really appreciate your attention to detail, pace, communication, and passion.  Kara loved playing with the older girls and says she feels like she is a better player after this week and can’t wait to apply it at home. Btw, after her first visit with you, the change in her play was quickly apparent as her communication on the court ramped up.  You helped her understand the value of this skill and it made an immediate impact as she played with several different partners and was able to capture 1st or 2nd in every competition since then. She absolutely loves working with you and applied a lot of what she learned from you. Since training with you her confidence has skyrocketed and her play as well.  In fact, her current club just invited her to try out for the Elite 16’s team next week.  This past year she has really fallen in love with the game and her goal is to play in college and beyond!  You are making us want to move back to Hermosa. We know without a doubt that she will develop under your care and guidance! Thank you for being a positive influence and the spark!”

Ken Namimatsu, MBsand dad.

My son is having the best positive experience. Learning new skills and making friends with similar interests! The instructors have been kind and engaging from what he has told me. He’s so happy. He wanted to learn bc his older sister is a vball player and now has a different appreciation for the game. I personally love the approach to the introduction to VB at this age and level. It’s very age appropriate and helps build confidence while learning a new skill. Thank you so much from our family for all your organization does and continues to do!

Jessica Black

“I usually stay for the practice when my daughter Tristan attends. I was watching yesterday and found myself blown away at what the kids get out of this. All the Coaches are extremely accomplished players themselves but they keep it fun enough for the younger or less skilled and challenging enough for the better players. They all get a ton of touches and run around the beach for two hours…..for 50 bucks. There record in youth VB speaks for itself. Not a better deal around!

Joe D, MBsand dad

“Thank you Patty and Mike and your team for putting on an excellent holiday clinic. Very well planned and executed. The girls got such great practice and competition, plus on the spot coaching to make any corrections right away. Great encouragement from everyone there. Really good positive vibe around the whole program. Could see the girls making better shot selections and court movements right before our eyes. Sara loved it. Oh and I also really appreciated that you had everyone wearing masks, great job!

Niall Moynihan, MBsand dad

I just saw your post about learning from mistakes and felt I had to share this story. Izzy dropped into another club practice this past week to get some training in. She hated it. It is very militant…no talking during practice, she said no one smiles, and the coach just yells at you when you mess up. Her quote “when I screw up with Patty she’ll ask me “what can you do better next time?” And we’ll talk about what I need to do differently. That coach just screams at you to do better. It was awful and so stressful”.  Just thought you’d appreciate knowing how much the girls love your coaching style and recognize the safe space to make mistakes and learn from them is much appreciated by your players (and parents!). You are amazing and we are so happy Izzy has had this time with you and Mike on the sand.

Dana Martinez, MBsand mom. Izzy, Cal Poly 2022

“My daughter has never been into athletics. She took the first session of the beach volleyball clinic and told me that she “wants to commit her life to beach volleyball.” Strong words out of somebody who has never wanted to do a team sport in her life!

Sandy S. MBsand mom

“You have been such an amazing coach over the years and I wanted to say thank you for helping my game improve. I am so grateful to be able to train with you and your great players while I’m out in California!.”

Macey Butler, 2022 UCLA

You guys know how to connect and motivate Zoe (and ALL the kids). When I drop her off – I know Zoe is going to return to the car more confident and with a deeper love of the game. She also tells me that MBsand feels like a family. All the kids are very nice. Thank YOU for being part of her experience. 😊❤️ You guys are amazing! “

Amy, MBsand mom

“This is my son’s first time playing volleyball and he said his first practice was SO fun! The practice was so well run, organized, lots of coaches out there to give feedback to all the kids on a consistent basis while they are working on skills, practice just kept moving along at a great pace, and the building of the skills throughout the practice was great! We can’t wait until the next practice!

Claire I. MBsand mom

“Thank you for the fantastic job you guys are doing for these young kids.  Sports nowadays can be very intimidating- especially for those who just want to learn to have fun and not make a career out of it.  Your class has been such a pleasure.  I am a Girl Scout leader and now half of my troop is registered with you and are playing because they do not feel intimidated or pressured to compete formally and they have all gained such confidence just playing.  My daughter in particular came home from school the other day and said that they played volleyball during PE and her game improved so much that she had the confidence to volunteer and help others during the class.  So thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Kelly Ankwicz, Dodd Volleyball School mom

“My daughter says the coaching is outstanding and training with the caliber of girls that she trains with helps her improvement

Lisa W, MBsand mom. Julia 2023, South Carolina

“My daughter Noelani has an auditory processing disorder and when I let Patty know this was her first class and how to help her, she made sure Noe had extra help with Rachel. She said Noe, this is Rachel she will be your guardian angel if you need any help understanding anything. It was very thoughtful and kind.

Dodd Volleyball School mom

My son is having the best positive experience. Learning new skills and making friends with similar interests! The instructors have been kind and engaging from what he has told me. He’s so happy. He wanted to learn bc his older sister is a vball player and now has a different appreciation for the game. I personally love the approach to the introduction to VB at this age and level. It’s very age appropriate and helps build confidence while learning a new skill. Thank you so much from our family for all your organization does and continues to do!

Jessica B, MBsand mom

“The Dodds Volleyball School is professional and teaches students the basic fundamentals of the game based on their individual level. The techniques they use in the program, allows the student to gain confidence in their individual abilities while encouraging them to have a love for the game. The program has allowed my child to form friendships and build confidence and know that it takes a teamwork to win and not an individual. I strongly recommend this program and plan on continuing to send my child in the future.

Malia, Dodd Volleyball School

Jameson has been with Coach Patty Dodds volleyball program for 5 years and she has been consistently successful in teaching volleyball to my son. He has progressed to my satisfaction and look forward to elevating in the near future.

Dodd Volleyball School dad

“We had a great experience playing w your club. Everything ran smoothly & was very organized. It was our first time playing w your club. I actually asked my daughter, who played yesterday, to give the rating & she said 10.

Myah N. Mbsand mom

“The coach was very kind to my son. He’s young and this was his first time playing volleyball and first time with DVS. He came home really encouraged and excited to practice!

Dodd Volleyball School dad

“The drills during the practice helped with each skill in the wind. Coach Patty gave me many helpful tips on areas I had to work on, and how to play smart in the wind. The other players were also very nice and friendly to me even though I didn’t play for their club. Overall, it was a great experience.

Kaci C, MBsand drop in

“Very informative on step by step coaching and mentoring services. Jackie is working hard and smart at this next level and it’s because she started here at MBsand Beach Volleyball. Thank you, Patty, Mike and team coaches.

Christine F, MBsand mom

“They are the absolute best to work with and my daughter has the best time every week and she’s excelling because they are such great coaches.”

Tory S, MBsand mom

“Will came home and said that was the best instruction he has had in any sport, and he is not the one to share stuff like this.”

Kristen Spalding, MBsand mom

“Marley thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the training. She loved that coach Mike was interactive the entire practice and always giving feedback to her. Thank you for the excellent training.

Jenn R. MBsand mom

“I give a 10/10 because I loved the instruction that was given back and the competitive aspect with the points for each drill we did.”

Alina. MBsand player

As always, the goal is to end up in the final with MBsand!!!!!! Your girls (Kate Morley-Erin Inskeep) are talented athletes and kind humans.  It is always an honor to be on the podium with any of them no matter the age. Also, your girls remembered Vivian from your Queen of the beach last summer and were very sweet to come and say hello yesterday.”

Jen Johnson. Vivian 2024 LMU

“True story: Vic shows up at MBsand and meets MBsand girl named Ingrid. They swap numbers on their own and say let’s play sometime? Victoria, on her own for the first time ever, sets up a tournament entry in the Huntington CBVA last Sunday. 25 other good teams later, they wound up on top of the podium. Thanks MBsand!

Carl Henkel, MBsand dad. 1996 Olympian. Victoria, LSU 2024

“MB Sand curriculum/methodology on a nightly basis is unmatched by any other program. MB Sand has top coaches for skills but also provide a fun environment. Put the method and coaching together are they are creating volleyball players for life.

Jeremy H. MBsand dad

“Coach Patty was very kind to help me with my daughters schedule. It was her first practice. While I watched, I was impressed by how organized it was, all the skills they covered, and the coach’s genuine participation. And most importantly- how all the kids were having a ball- including my daughter!! It was a great first experience!!

Lilee L. MBsand mom

“The coaches and structure of the practice were amazing. Patty provides such a welcoming and enjoyable experience for new athletes. I appreciate that the coaches pair the athletes with similar skills for the benefit of the athletes to improve and be challenged!

Kathy A. MBsand mom

“My 11-year-old daughter is loving her classes with MB sand. She was moved to a more advanced class yesterday, and says that her new instructor is one of her favorite teachers ever.

Carlie J. MBsand mom

“Olivia and I wanted to express our gratitude for your hard work these past four days at USAV HP. Your attention to detail and encouraging demeanor is phenomenal. It truly is!

Joe and Olivia Foye. HP National U15 Team

“The training you gave her on the beach was so Great, she is so far ahead of most of her teammates that have already played a few years indoor. The coaches were surprised how well rounded she was in her skills, thanks to you!

Kevin O'Leary, MBsand dad

“Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with our newly trained coaches! You truly embody “She Breaks Barriers” and we are glad they have a role model to look up to. Keep making waves in the volleyball world. We are lucky to have you in the 3 stripe family”

Adidas Social Impact Team

“I wanted to firstly THANK YOU for being such a positive influence on Chloe this past summer.  She checked out a few programs but was smitten with yours… big props to you and the coaches.  The light has seemed to switch on for her, and now its just up to us to keep finding time to train and find partners for tournies.  We’ll surely see you on the beach more.We believe strongly in character and I’m glad Chloe is able to compete and still maintain a high level of sportsmanship and kindness.”

Doug Chu, MBsand dad

“Thank you for everything Patty. You truly are the best and you always make such a big impact on my game and I ‘m so grateful. Go MBsand!” 

Colby Bennett, USC Committ 2021

“Thank you so much for letting me have the opportunity to play and represent MBsand. You have helped so much over the recent years in volleyball. Without you, I’m sure I would not be skilled enough to compete well. Thank you so sooo much and I hope you have a great day” 

Mary Kate Brown, MBsand player

“Our hope/goal is that Makena learns to love the game. After spring beach, she can’t wait to play again! Thank you for all you do to make it so fun and enjoyable. We’ve seen amazing improvement in a very short span and most importantly a budding romance with the sport and being part of a supportive family.” 

Chris Conaway. MBsand dad.

“Many thanks again for taking great care of my kids and for making them already love the sport! Delia who is approximately 1 foot tall has claimed volleyball as her favorite sport! You have a very special and soft way with them!”

Jessica Waldman, DVS mom

“Great, positive instruction by Mike Dodd. We appreciate the aloha and inclusiveness of drop-in trainings for some of us who have limited access to wonderful programs and highly experienced coaches. It’s always an awesome time with MBsand without a doubt! ” 

Vanessa A. MBsand mom

“We asked our daughter about the improvements she’s been making lately and she attributes them to starting to come to you! She said she feels she learned as much in the past two months as she did in the first two years of playing! We are very grateful for you.” 

MBsand dad

Amanda is so happy at MBsand and so motivated. She was exhausted after the tournament today but said, “Dad, I don’t want to go home. Can we go and practice some drills?”. Thank you for being her coach!” 

Jena Dellenbach, MBsand mom

“The volleyball instruction is phenomenal, but you are also helping us raise strong, empowered, confident young women in a supportive community” 

Chris C, MBsand dad

“That was such a great meeting the other evening. Thank you for all you do in our community! This pace club volleyball is perfect for our family. I am so pleased we have you as a resource.” 

Katie Driscoll, MBsand mom

“As Cela was signing her Letter of Intent, we were so filled with pride but also so much gratitude! We are forever grateful to you for guidance, support and your willingness to work with us all the way from Sacramento. I know it was extra organizing for you, we think back to all of the airport rides and just go wow!! You go above and beyond for your athletes. It is truly a privilege to know you” 

Cheryl Chamness. Cela, Boise State. 2019

“Patty really cares about her players and helps each to reach their fullest potential.  She is patient and methodical in her teaching of the fundamentals. She pushes and challenges her players to improve in a very positive and motivating way.” 

Christie Smith, MBsand mom. Jessie, UCLA 2021

“Thank you so much for reminding me why I love this sport so much!!!  You are the heart and soul of what makes this sport so special….it is not about what club you belong to, who makes the money or who stands to benefit, but about the kids and growing the sport!!!  
Thank you for your guidance and willingness to reach out on Ivey’s behalf!!

Jen Weber

“I love everything about Patty!  She’s so nice & knowledgeable.  She has helped me through the recruiting process by providing me with great information and guidance, as well as mediating conversations with college beach coaches and players. She helped make my recruiting process fun, exciting and stress-free.  I am very excited to have committed to Patty’s alma mater UCLA and hope to make her proud!” 

Jessie Smith, UCLA 2021

“AJ just couldn’t take it anymore!!! After watching his sister play at tournaments, he wanted to try beach volleyball with her.  Thank you for launching his love of the sport!  He was super excited about his day yesterday.   At first he thought he might have been out of place….being a boy and having no experience, but that was not the case at all.  You have such a great environment that is supportive for all and that was quite evident from how comfortable and excited AJ felt. 
 I am super excited about the possibility of connecting with you and your club.  
On a personal note, we had a super tough day yesterday, long, trying, frazzled day……and I almost didn’t make it to practice. Then we showed up.  And my kids had an amazing time.  And I got to talk to a couple of parents who help me understand how beach volleyball works, then I talked to Patty and learned so much.  Thank you so much for the kind words about Izzy and AJ and for taking the time to chat with me after practice.  They both LOVED the practice and definitely want to continue.  So we are absolutely looking forward to seeing you next week!  You were truly the best part of my day and I am truly appreciative beyond words” 
Regina Jeffery, MBsand mom

“My daughter loves attending DVS. Patty is so organized and does not waste a single minute of the hour. The kids are having fun while learning solid volleyball fundamentals. I highly recommend Patty Dodd and DVS.“.

Olivia E. Dodd Volleyball School

Good morning from SMC beach! I just wanted to say that Patty’s 4Ls are used everyday here, along with so many other tools that you’ve given Rob, Mandy and me. I even invented Gary’s 4Ls (Low, Loaded Lead Leg). Thank you, Patty. You have no idea how much you’ve impacted us as coaches and people“.

Gary Hodge, Saint Mary's College Coach

“It was an amazing experience for our daughter. The coaches were incredible and gave valuable feedback to our daughter to improve and grow as a player and partner. The communication from Patty was awesome. She make the process easy and was so kind and informative to us. This truly was the best experience and we will be back! Thank you again!”.

Deana R. MBsand

Great vibe (music, positive attitude of the coaches), well organized and balanced (kids aren’t stressed with hyper-technical perfection, but rather are taught new techniques at beginning of practice and corrected positively during play)

Jenifer Muir, MBsand mom

“Thank you Patty! The training and TLC from you and your MBsand team made all the difference in the world in their growth. What an amazing difference it made for them to be there 3 straight weeks! Wish we could have stayed longer”

Cheryl Chamness, MBsand mom

When I see all the kids coming out to you to learn volleyball and you helping girls like Kate pursue their volleyball dreams, it makes me think of one of my other favorite Zig Ziglar quotes: “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

Tom Morley, MBsand/Dodd Volleyball School dad. Kate, Cal Berkeley 2024

“Coach Patty, I wanted to thank you for all you have done for me this summer. I really appreciate all the time you have put towards the growth of my game, you are seriously one of the greatest coaches I have ever met. I have your number and if it’s ok I would love to keep in touch. I could really use your help in the future with all the college stuff. Thanks again for your time and patience, you have really helped me this summer and made my USA HP experience amazing!”

Camdyn Doucet, Player USA HP Team U15. Stanford 2021

I have never seen my daughter so excited and passionate about her training experience & personal growth with MB sand. Well organized also.”

Lael M. MBsand

“Coach Patty, I just wanted to thank you for your advice and taking the time to help Arden.  We used your recruiting advice and Arden has been receiving steady interest from many of the top beach volleyball schools.”

Michael Besceker, Texas dad. Arden, FSU 2022

My children came back happy after their first day of camp- they had a blast and couldn’t wait to come back for day 2!!“.

Farnaz, Dodd Volleyball School

“Coach Patty, I just wanted to catch up and thank you for teaching her such good fundamentals. Everyone asks how she became such a good passer and I tell them you taught her”.

Michael Yang, MBsand dad

Picked up my son today and he said this is the best camp EVER! I asked him why and he said everyone is nice and it’s fun

Kaarina Jo, Dodd Volleyball School mom

Coaches were fun, energetic and engaged, there were lots of kids at different levels and the coaches made sure kids were playing at the right level, group stretch at the end was nice touch.

Ruby C. MBsand mom

Great fast moving practice. Group skill was accurate and coach provided individual attention.

Noelle W. MBsand

Friendly coaching staff, great drills, welcoming culture, amazing equipment, and a fun workout.

Sophie C. MBsand

“My son participated in your 2017 youth summer beach camp, this was his first experience with organized beach volleyball. I can’t think of a better coach to have introduced the game to him. Your approach to coaching, preparation and attention to detail are really top notch”
Phil Wong, Dodd Volleyball School dad

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for arranging a meet and greet for high school beach players yesterday and on 7/5. Chloe said it was awesome and she met some great girls to play with. She did exchange numbers with a girl too. You have had such a positive impact on Chloe. Georgia is also excited to start coming in July too! I can’t thank you enough! It really shows how much you care about these girls! Thanks again!”
Wendy Walker, MBsand mom

Congrats on the big development! Love seeing your beach empire grow.  You are making a huge, positive impact on a lot of young kids and we are blessed to have you doing what you do in the community.”

Thomas Morley, MBsand dad

It was fantastic that everybody switched partners! Each player organically created new friendships while also stretching their skills!.” 

Kaitlyn D, MBsand

“Thank you so much for working with Zoë. I can’t tell how much it meant to her to be with you last week. It completely brought her back to loving the game we all love. She’s in the sand playing every day, conditioning and making plans. She played a tournament last weekend and won. She’s now planning on playing the next age group up for better competition. Again, thank you for what you did for our daughter.” 

Peter Zimmerman, MBsand dad

MBSand is always so good to us! I has been nothing but a great choice to have our daughter play for this club!!” 

Linnea G. MBsand, Grace Goudy 2024 Stetson

Great structure, great coaching. Kids are learning and improving. No room for goofing around, love it!!” 

Mathew C. MBsand

“Signing my Letter of Intent to Boise reminded me of you and all of the help you gave me. You are the best coach I have ever had. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me, I’m so grateful. Without you, my dream of playing College Sand Volleyball would have never come true” 

Cela Chamness, Boise State 2019

“Thank you so much for looking after Anna last weekend and always. I am so appreciative of the time you spend with her. As a mom you couldn’t ask for a better mentor/coach or friend. We feel so blessed to have you in our lives.”

Carolyn Pringle, MBsand mom. Anna, Stanford 2022

“We won our first two games today.  I did my passing, new passing, pretty much the entire day, I just committed to your way of passing…thank you so much. It was really helpful and I nailed my passing today, you’re the bomb! I played great.”

Alicia Zamperelli, Pro beach player

“I don’t know where to start, but I hope you are well and are resting/recovering after long days of hard work under the burning sun. Words cannot explain and express how thankful we are to have you here. In my culture from where I came from men don’t cry or teared up as they said, but how can I not teared up knowing that I’ve met and learned so much from a legend? Its always been our request to the government officials and sports officials that they bring in people to really train us to be better athletes and understand it well. You’ve seen us play and how bad we are because we train and learn from what we think is correct. We’ve learned a lot from you Patty. Right after airport yesterday my family and I stopped at the court where they are doing volleyball games and I called the first game where both Kevin and Ken (ninja turtle) where helping too. During time outs and breaks we got together and were asking each other did you see how their positions are? How their bumping the ball? I mean everything you told us now to do showed. Before we don’t see it, but after learning from you we could easily tell. It was amazing how this short amount of time you could come in and just give us the right methods/steps for us to carry forward.
Today News paper came out and you are on the front page. You deserve it and I am very happy to be part of every training you conducted here.” 
Pranson Eliou, Marshall Islands National Team Head Coach

“A special thank you from Malyssa and I for helping her get ready for HP tryouts. She had the best time, she sparred no details out from our conversations ? it was extra special that you were there too. She thinks the world of you and even included you in her prayers the other night, “and God bless Coach Patty”…  thank you again ❤. “
Myla Cawa, MBsand mom

“Meg really enjoyed getting back on the beach today. At dinner we were all discussing our day and Megan let us all know how much she enjoys you coaching her. She told us how calm and encouraging you are and that after an hour she had wished it could have been a 3 hour lesson. Thanks for your passion of volleyball.”Today News paper came out and you are on the front page. You deserve it and I am very happy to be part of every training you conducted here.” 
Michell Kinney, MBsand mom

“Thanks again for yesterday. Matthew loved every moment. He was very impressed with your ability to know what was wrong after only a few touches and then make minor tweaks to fix it. He loved your instruction! & your positive words & encouragement!! I showed him the Karch video you sent which led him to watch more videos. He’s getting hooked. I, too was very impressed with the lesson. I feel like it was the best $$ I have ever spent on a private of any kind. I love your style!!!”

Michele Toddun, Redondo HS mom

“Thank you so much for all the support, for all the patience, for giving yourself and for believing in us. You changed our game for the better and in a real short time. You are an admirable person, very kind and an excellent coach. I’m impressed at how fast you came to know us and how you changed small things. Thank you so much truly for everything. A hug to you and your family.”  

(Mil gracias por tanto apoyo, por tanta paciencia, por la entrega y por creer en nosotros. Nos cambiaste el juego para bien y en cortísimo tiempo. Eres una persona admirable, super amable y una excelente entrenadora. Me impresiona lo rapido que nos llegaste a conocer y como nos cambiaste detalles. Muchísimas gracias de verdad por todo. Un abrazo para ti y tu familia)

Karen Cope, Costa Rican Olympian 2016. Realized her Olympic dream by beating Cuba for the first time and qualifying for RIO.

Wendy and I want you to know that Chloe made the Mira Costa Beach Volleyball Team! We are so excited and happy for her. She worked hard and deserved it. We wanted to take the time to thank you personally Patty.  You did so much for her game. But more importantly you restored her confidence in herself. That is priceless. Thank you for being you”. 

Jeff Walker- MBsand dad

“I am grateful for your approach in coaching. This is a new sport for Zoe and your patience and constant support is a blessing to watch. She’s been at indoor camps and clinics where the coaches embarrass and shame at times so I know Zoe appreciates learning from you.” 

Shelley Kira- MBsand mom. Zoe, Masters University 2021

“Thanks Patty for all your encouraging words today. I’m so happy Kelley is involved with MB Sand. It’s s great program! “

Kim Sussman -MBsand mom

“Simone covered deep just like you taught – turn & burn with an easy pop over her head and turn around for an attack. Was patient as well – played long rally’s waiting for the opportunity to make a play.  Thanks Coach Dodd!!!”

Bill Gibson, MBsand dad. Simone, Tulane 2022

“It’s amazing what an impact your contact had made for Madi’s recruiting process! We just wanted to let you know that Madi accepted the offer to Cal today!  She is so pumped and feels so blessed to have this opportunity to play sand volleyball in college. We thank you so much for your friendship and kindness in helping Madi through the recruiting process.” 

Kevin Dueck, MBsand dad. Madi, Cal Berkeley 2016

“Since the first day of practice, Giselle fell in love with volleyball.  She was eager to learn more about the sport.  Patty encouraged Giselle to try sand.  Giselle was hesitant because she was just starting out, but what convinced her to try was how Patty approaches her teaching.  Patty Dodd definitely has the background and the expertise about the sport, but  what Giselle cherished the most is the sincerity that Patty posses in teaching, the compassion that she shows all her students, her patience, the drive she puts in you and her commitment on making you better.  Patty and all the coaches go out the way to provide the level of instruction catered to your athlete.  They challenge the more experienced players, while keeping the less experienced players engaged and driven.  As parents, we appreciate Patty not only for coaching Giselle in volleyball but also for providing life lessons – which is the most important part!   The work ethic of the other coaches – Coach Sterling and Coach Traci is tremendous!  Thank you to MBSand!”

Joane Groe, MBsand mom

“Jackie was so excited to show her moves and had a ball cheering Zana Muno and UCLA on! She loved watching the girls do their jumps, Monkey, Batman, Catness(her fave) and Ninja Turtle on the courts! Loved that she noticed and commented. You are doing a great job and it shows as Jackie loves to share what she’s learned.”

Christine Flores, Dodd Volleyball School mom.

“Grace is so fortunate to have had you as a coach for 4 years.  She always tells me that she learns so much more from you. Beyond the volleyball she respects you and looks up to you and wants to continue to improve because of the foundation you gave her, both physically and emotionally.  I know I’m getting sappy, but it’s true, I can’t thank you enough for caring about Grace.”

Patrice Campbell. Grace, Cal Berkeley 2015

“I want to thank you so much for your expert instruction. It was incredible what an impact it had. Ella and Kevyn put to good use the skills you taught them on Saturday (and earlier). Ella has never played better, and I think she owes a lot of it to your coaching. She really seemed to approach the game with a changed point of view: an internal shift seems to have taken place.There is still a lot of work to do, of course, but it was really amazing to see major progress.” 
Nikki Fergusson, MBsand mom. Ella, Cal Berkeley 2021

“I absolutely loved having you as a coach, you are an amazing person and so fun to be around. I learned so much from you and I really appreciate your optimism both on and off the sand. Thank you for helping us a team.”

Betsi Metter-Flint- AVP Open Champion

“Thanks for your outstanding coaching. Matt is really enjoying the practices.”

Steve Yoshimoto (dad) - Jr. National USAV -U17 team, 2013

“I just wanted to thank for the great session. Alicia was very excited and proud of herself after.  She got more out of the one hour than hours of practices on different teams. It was money well spent!  Your love for the sport and training is deeply appreciated.”

Marian Cristino, MBsand mom

“Thank you for everything you have done for me over my entire volleyball AMS experience. Under your coaching I have become a better player and person. I will miss you.”

Zana Muno - UCLA Volleyball Team 2015

“It’s been so wonderful to have such a knowledgeable, encouraging and loving coach. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn so much from you. Thank you for all of the hard work you poured into Betsi and I.”

Kelley Larsen - AVP Open Champion

“We wanted to share with you how positively impressed we were with Sebastian’s improvements on the court. His hand setting is amazing, his serves, and all around skills. His enthusiasm and interest for beach volleyball grew significantly as well as meeting and making new friends. His appreciation for beach volleyball has reached a higher level and we thank you for your contribution and for making a difference.”

Sebastian Sr. and Paula Roca - Jr. National USAV-U17 Team

“Thank you for coaching me during HP this summer. You are a great and calm coach. I’ve become a better player by learning new things like keeping my arms low and calm, using simple movements, the tortilla, and using the wind as our friend. You were a great coach at the tournament and you were always encouraging. I hope you coach the U13’s next year so I can have you as my coach”

Kevyn Clark – Player U13 USA HP Beach Team 2014




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