Q? Does MBsand offer coaching during tournaments?

A. Yes, at most South Bay tournaments. *Players must wear MBsand uniform during tournaments to receive coaching.



    Q? I want to play in my first tournament, any advice?

    A. Congratulations, it takes courage to play in your first tournament. You need to register here a few days in advance. All organizations require annual membership, USAV, CVBA and AAU. Keep membership number handy, you will needed it every time you sign up. Tournament registration is approximately $50-70 per team. Expect to check in at 8:30-9:00. Pool play 9:00- 12:00ish. Getting out of pool is a big accomplishment, many of your opponents have played for a long time. Top 2 or 3 teams in pool advance to playoffs. Playoffs are mostly single elimination and end around 2:30-4:00. Bring umbrella, healthy snacks, drinks, sunscreen, socks (sand can get very hot), sunglasses and or hat. Kids referee each other’s games and keep score, they will make mistakes and parents need to let the referee and players figure out a solution. Parents are NOT allowed to coach. Kids call their own timeouts. Good luck!!




      Q? How do I sign up for a tournament?

      A.  All tournaments are listed on the website. See tournament schedule!




        Q? When is the next tournament?

        A. All tournaments are listed on the website. See tournament schedule!

          Q? How can I book a private lesson?

          A. Please contact the coach directly. Patty Dodd (310) 227 6628, Traci Morin (714) 401-1160, Billy Allen (208) 699-8379‬, Karissa Cook (831) 359 2449

          Q? What are the age groups for 2020 tournaments?

          2020 AGE DIVISIONS (BOYS & GIRLS)

          10 & Under – Must be born on or after September 1, 2009
          12 & Under – Must be born on or after September 1, 2007
          14 & Under – Must be born on or after September 1, 2005
          15 & Under – Must be born on or after September 1, 2004
          16 & Under – Must be born on or after September 1, 2003
          18 & Under – Must be born on or after September 1, 2001

            Q? How do I find a partner for a tournament?

            A. Network!! Make friends at practice, ask players of similar ability in practice. Too shy to ask at practice?  Ask Patty to share the parents’ information. Keep a list of 3-4 possible partners and plan ahead patty@doddvollyballschool.com

              Q? How do I register for MBsand Club practices ?

              A. Two ways to sign up for practice. Register here! 
              or on your mobile device, download free MINDBODY application, look for MBsand

              There are 3 payment choices:

              1. Drop in practice expires in 2 months. $50 each
              2. 10 Pack + Free t-shirt, expires in 3 months. $47.50 each
              3. 18 Pack + Free t-shirt, expires in 3 months. $45 each
              Q? Do I need to commit at all practices?

              A. No, MBsand doesn’t ask for long term commitments. MBsand offers different packages. You pay as you go, choose how many times you practice. Getting better is up to the player…MBsand is your vehicle to improving. Register here

              Q? How can I get an MBsand uniform?

              A. Uniforms are ordered in March at parent meeting. There are extra items for purchase if you missed parent meeting. Please call or text Patty Dodd 310 227 6628.

              Q? When and where are MBsand Practices?

              A. Practices are 2 hours long, south of Manhattan Beach Pier. MBsand club trains year round. During the school year we train M, T, F.  During Summer we train M, T, Th, F. 

                Q? How do I schedule or reschedule a practice?

                A. Easiest Text Patty, 310 227 6628 or go to https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/home?studioid=286199
                Or on your mobile device, download MINDBODY app, look for MBsand. 

                  Q? What do players wear during practice?

                  A. Players are required to wear a MBsand T shirt. Call or text Patty Dodd (310 227 6628) to purchase, T-shirt is $15. Wear layers during cooler months. Wear shorts, bikini bottoms in warm weather.

                    Q? What if I need a drink of water during practice?

                    A. There are water breaks during practice, participants are always free to get water whenever needed.


                      Q? Do we practice in the rain or wind?

                      A. Yes, we will only cancel practice in severe weather. A cancellation notification will be posted one hour prior to practice on Instagram and Facebook. Also, via text to those that signed up for practice.


                        Q? What if I need to go to the restroom during practice?

                        A. Participants must let a coach know they need a restroom break. They must go with a fellow athlete.  Ideally, this occurs during a water break.




                          Q? How can I get my medal result posted on the MBsand website?

                          A. At MBsand we love to hear from you and your son or daughter’s volleyball anything!! If the win a medal, please email tournament date, age group, to patty@doddvollyballschool.com  or text 310 227 6628. Thank you and congratulations!!


                            Q? What is HP and should I sign up for a USAV tryout?

                            A. HP stands for High Performance, it’s one of the premier international pipeline development programs in the world. Entry into USAV Beach High Performance (BHP) programs is based upon selection at one USAV Beach High Performance Tryouts held in host regions March through May. Athletes strive to be selected for the USAV Junior Beach National Team (A1), USA High Performance Beach Teams (A2), and USAV High Performance Beach Camps (Junior A3)

                            Coach Patty Dodd has been coaching for USAV HP for 8 years and coach Traci Morin for 5 years.
                            MBsand has won medals at HP Nationals since 2016. A1 level. 

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