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Beach Volleyball Club in Manhattan Beach


The MBsand Method

Why we’re unique.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at MBsand beach volleyball club is to teach fundamentals correctly in a positive environment that will foster growth and love for beach volleyball. Girls and boys 10-17 yrs-old learn the fundamentals and learn to think for themselves. Our kids strive to not only be the best players they can but to be the best partner as well. We embrace a growth mindset culture within the club, our feedback is directed at the process, our effort, work ethic and determination. We have fun and make life long friends.

Our Methodology

MBsand Beach Volleyball Club’s teaching method is based on principles and keys to learn volleyball fundamentals, defensive and offensive strategies. MBsand centers coaching on correct principles, creating a solid foundation for development. We pay special attention to motor learning, movement and footwork patterns, practice design, management and player motivation.

Lessons Beyond The Sport

MBsand Beach Volleyball Club fosters an environment where players learn to think for themselves and gain confidence. Lessons learned on the sand carry over to real life as our young players develop leadership, patience, perseverance, tolerance, humility, fairness, sportsmanship and teamwork.

Club Achievements

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Beach Volleyball’s SoCal Roots

Watch MBsand’s Mike Dodd in Team USA’s short history of beach volleyball’s path to the Olympics. He recalls the early days of the sport in Manhattan beach while on his own path to the Olympic final in 1996.  Three-time Olympic Gold Medalists Karch Kiraly and Kerry Walsh also speak of the past and future of beach Volleyball in this inspirational video for all beach players, young and old. MBsand Volleyball Club is proud to be part of the present and future of Beach Volleyball. Enjoy!!

Located South of Manhattan Beach Pier


Latest Achievements and Press

Cela Chamness commits to Boise State

Cela’s story is one of determination and sacrifice. Cela is a HS Junior and lives in Sacramento, yet she has been training at MBsand for the lat 18 months, flying in twice a month. She compliments her MBsand training with games and workouts at Precision Sand Club and...

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Mizuno Beach MBsand Merger

I'm really excited to announce this addition to MBsand Volleyball Club. Matt and Joy Fuerbringer, Mizuno owners are long time friends. My own daughters played indoor at Mizuno and this merger feels like inviting family over. MBsand will greatly benefit from adding...

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2018 New Year Goals!!

2018….it’s time to reflect on my New Year Goals!! GOAL FOR IT: My goal is to grow MBsand Volleyball club. Much more needs to be done to empower my players with the confidence they get from improving and learning life lessons on the court. WORK IT: Building a new...

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