Grow your game • Make Friends • Compete


Play Full time


Enjoy The Beach


Develop Social Skills

Does your kid Love Volleyball but you’re tired of:


Not being in control of your schedule?


Spending all weekend in a loud gym?


Paying for unattended practices?


Paying high fees with no guaranteed playing time?


Committing to long-term practice and tournament schedule?


  • BE the Boss of your schedule. Plan your training and competitions.
  • Pay As You Go. You only pay when you practice.
  • Give your child the gift of a life skill. Enjoy the beach and play for years to come.


  • Watch your child grow confident and make friends
  • Bring the whole family to tournaments, beach day!
  • Your kid will learn life Lessons.
  • Play fulltime! No subs in beach volleyball.


MBsand is a club for everyone! We welcome all levels.

Ranked #1 in the country 2018, 2019. BVCA

Over 1,300 Medals in Youth Beach Volleyball

National Team Level and AVP Coaching

Collegiate Recruited Players


“Wendy and I want you to know that Chloe made the Mira Costa Beach Volleyball Team! We are so excited and happy for her. She worked hard and deserved it. We wanted to take the time to thank you personally Patty. You did so much for her game. But more importantly you restored her confidence in herself. That is priceless. Thank you for being you.”

Jeff Walker – MBsand Dad

“Our hope/goal is that Makena learns to love the game. After spring beach, she can’t wait to play again! Thank you for all you do to make it so fun and enjoyable. We’ve seen amazing improvement in a very short span and most importantly a budding romance with the sport and being part of a supportive family.”

Chris Conaway –  MBsand Dad

 “When I see all the kids coming out to you to learn volleyball and you helping girls like Kate pursue their volleyball dreams, it makes me think of one of my other favorite Zig Ziglar quotes: “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

Tom Morley – MBsand Dad

“I am grateful for your approach in coaching. This is a new sport for Zoe and your patience and constant support is a blessing to watch. She’s been at indoor camps and clinics where the coaches embarrass and shame at times so I know Zoe appreciates learning from you.”

Shelley Kira – MBsand Mom

 “That was such a great meeting the other evening. Thank you for all you do in our community! This pace club volleyball is perfect for our family. I am so pleased we have you as a resource.”

Katie Driscoll – MBsand Mom

 “Thanks again for yesterday. Matthew loved every moment. He was very impressed with your ability to know what was wrong after only a few touches and then make minor tweaks to fix it. He loved your instruction! & your positive words & encouragement!! I showed him the Karch video you sent which led him to watch more videos. He’s getting hooked. I, too was very impressed with the lesson. I feel like it was the best $$ I have ever spent on a private of any kind. I love your style!!!”

Michele Toddun –  MBsand mom

 “We asked our daughter about the improvements she’s been making lately and she attributes them to starting to come to you! She said she feels she learned as much in the past two months as she did in the first two years of playing! We are very grateful for you.”

MBsand Dad

This is how we do it

Schedule a drop in practice:

Try us out and see if it’s a right fit for your child.

Customize the training:

 Create a plan that works with your child’s skill level and schedule.

Get better, compete:

You child will become more confident and develop practical life skills that will serve them far into their future.

Are you new? Try a practice?
“Drop in” one practice option ($50)

Expires after 2 months.


10 Pack ($47.50 ea) includes MBsand required T-shirt. Siblings can share.

Expires after 6 months.


18 Pack ($45 ea) includes MBsand required T-shirt. Siblings can share.
Best value.

Expires after 6 months.

At MBSand we know that you want your child to develop strong physical, mental, and social skills.  In order to do that they need an opportunity to play a team sport that develops every level of those skills. The problem is most team sports don’t work well with busy schedules leaving you and your child feeling overwhelmed. 
We believe beach volleyball is the perfect way for children 10-17 years old to develop essential life skills that will serve them well in the future. We understand how frustrating it is to live and Southern California and not have the time to play team sports on the sunny beach which is why we have developed a beach volleyball program that takes beginners and advanced players, develops their skills further, and works with their schedule so they have time to use those skills in other activities.