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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at MBsand beach volleyball club is to teach fundamentals correctly in a positive environment that will foster growth and love for beach volleyball. Girls and boys 10-17 yrs-old learn the fundamentals and learn to think for themselves. Our kids strive to not only be the best players they can but to be the best partner as well. We embrace a growth mindset culture within the club, our feedback is directed at the process, our effort, work ethic and determination. We have fun and make life long friends.

Our Methodology

MBsand Beach Volleyball Club’s teaching method is based on principles and keys to learn volleyball fundamentals, defensive and offensive strategies. MBsand centers coaching on correct principles, creating a solid foundation for development. We pay special attention to motor learning, movement and footwork patterns, practice design, management and player motivation.

Lessons Beyond The Sport

MBsand Beach Volleyball Club fosters an environment where players learn to think for themselves and gain confidence. Lessons learned on the sand carry over to real life as our young players develop leadership, patience, perseverance, tolerance, humility, fairness, sportsmanship and teamwork.

Beach Volleyball Improves Your Indoor Game

Karch Kiraly, the best indoor and beach player in the world said: “The beach game taught me great lessons about how to elevate the play of my teammate, or teammates, and how to anticipate and expect the ball so much more than the indoor game ever could. It taught me — even forced me — to be a much better all-around player. That allowed me to help our USA Olympic Team in many more ways than I ever could have otherwise.”

The Rio 2016 Olympic statistics for amount of touches in volleyball reveal a very important fact. In an indoor game to 25 points the average amount of touches is 16 (give or take, a setter touches the ball more than a middle blocker). In a beach the average amount of touches in a game to 21 is 46. Beach volleyball is played with doubles, for every ball played on the beach, three people watch. Indoor volleyball is played 6 vs. 6, for every ball played, 23 people watch, 11 on the court and 12 on the bench. To play beach you have to learn all the skills, pass, set, hit, serve, block. This makes the player more complete. Beach teaches reading and anticipating faster than indoor because you touch the ball more often and have to cover more court.


Beach Volleyball Is A Life Sport

Beach volleyball is part of the California lifestyle. Learning how to play beach volleyball is giving your child a healthy life skill. It’s easy on the joints, it’s easy to set up games, it’s social, you can play it as a kid and well beyond your 50’s. It’s comforting to send your teen to the beach with friends and a volleyball.

Beach Volleyball is a team game but at its core it teaches self reliance. Little coaching during competition, no subs, just you and your partner figuring out how to bring the best out of each other and succeed. At MBsand, we strive to be the best partners we can be.


Private and semiprivate training is available by appointment only. Please contact the coach directly.  Patty Dodd mbsandvbc@gmail.com (310) 227 6628, Seain Cook (805)722-6385, Chelsea Ross (615) 403-9579, Alex Ukkelberg (320)333-5735, Traci Morin (714) 401-1160, Mike Dodd (310) 227-6627, Karissa Cook (831) 359 2449

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Written by Patty Dodd.