Colby is an all around athlete and well -rounded teen who is humble, hard working and kind. She played tennis, soccer and basketball before she even knew beach volleyball existed. She started playing beach volleyball when she was ten years old. At home she speaks fluent Spanish and she also enjoys volunteering her time through the Assisteens of Tustin.

Colby is a sophomore at Mater Dei High School where she is enrolled in all honor classes. She decided to play on the tennis team this fall rather than indoor volleyball team and will play on the beach volleyball team this spring. She also participates in pole-vaulting for fun. She has many beach volleyball accomplishments and multiple tournament wins. Some highlights are winning the AVP first 16U National Tournament this summer and earning her AAA rating for the beach while she was still 14 years old. Colby is also a part of the USA Volleyball High Performance pipeline.

Coach Anna Collier took notice of this exceptional young athlete, student and person and now Colby is committed to play beach volleyball at the University of Southern California starting in the fall of 2021! It was my pleasure to be a part of Colby’s beach volleyball journey. Thank you to Colby’s Mom Allycyn Bennett for the kind words and for allowing me to share them:

“Patty was instrumental in both guiding and advising Colby (and my husband and me) through the recruiting process. Her reputation is exceptional so the communication with coaches was less stressful and easier to have. Patty’s experience and knowledge allowed us to trust her implicitly. She is calm, level headed, wise and trustworthy – all ingredients which make for a well respected and admired coach!”

MBsand is so proud of you Colby!

Coach Patty

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Written by Patty Dodd.