Karmin is a thoughtful, natural athlete who loves fashion and music. She played seven years of competitive soccer before giving it up to focus on volleyball and over the last two years, beach volleyball. She is a part of the Nordstrom’s ambassador program and has studied piano for eleven years. She also volunteers her time with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Karmin is a senior at Folsom High School in Northern, CA. She has played indoor volleyball all four years and has served as the team captain for three seasons. She was also responsible for starting the first beach volleyball team at her high school! She did all this while taking a rigorous course load and traveling to Southern California at least twice a month to train with MBsand or compete in the challenging Southern California tournaments.

Karmin’s beach game has developed fast in the last two years. In 2018 Karmin won silver medal at NIBVL Championships, silver at the Volley OC AAU National Qualifier, qualified for the power brackets AAU West Coast Junior Olympics and she was identified as an A3 player for USA Volleyball High Performance pipeline.

Coach Rob Browning took notice of this exceptional young athlete, student and leader and now Karmin will be a Gael in the fall of 2019!  It is my pleasure to be a part of Karmin’s beach volleyball journey.  Thank you to Karmin and her mom Caroline for their kind words and for allowing me to share them:

“Patty’s passion for helping volleyball players on and off the court is incredible.  She truly believes in growing and developing the youth to be the best they can be in life in general, not just volleyball.  Her patience and incredible kindness with her players and the parents is something that I have never seen in a competitive youth sports.  She spent hours advising and coaching us in working through the process for college recruiting and helping us to remain positive in all the ups and downs.  She gave excellent advice (that obviously worked!) and truly knows the business.  One of her many strengths is that she has the ability to coach and push hard for the players to get better without it ever being in a discouraging or negative way.  Another strength of Patty’s is that she is always there for her players. She seems to know exactly what they need to work on to improve and she knows how to convey that to them so they understand.  She goes out of her way to make every player feel her support and encouragement and I don’t know how she is so good at doing this for so many players and families!  We honestly don’t know what we would have done without her during this process of volleyball and college recruiting.  She is a true blessing and gift. We are so lucky to be a part of the Patty Dodd volleyball family.” Caroline brown

“Patty is such an amazing coach and I believe that without her I would not of been able to have the opportunity to play at the collegiate level. I came into beach volleyball having little experience and with the help of Patty she taught me the game through her great coaching and constant support. Throughout my recruiting process Patty was there to answer any questions I had and went out of her way to help me reach out to coaches. While I didn’t get to practice with Patty as much as some of the local girls she still made me feel like I was part of her program just like everyone else. Her kindness and passion for the game is so evident in her coaching style and she is truly a great coach in every aspect of beach volleyball. I am extremely grateful for everything that Patty has done for me in my beach volleyball experience and I owe all my success to her!” Karmin Brown

Congratulations Karmin – MBsand is so proud of you!
Coach Patty Dodd

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Written by Patty Dodd.