2017 Recipient of the Karen Beebe Arrow Award

Inducted into the Beach Volleyball Hall of Fame in 2015 as a Player, the Karen Beebe Arrow Award reflects what Patty has accomplished outside the volleyball lines during 20 years as a Teacher, Coach and Mentor in the Catholic School Community.

Patty’s willingness to share her passion and time exemplifies the spirit that inspired the Karen Beebe Arrow Award.  Her ground breaking Coaches Clinics in Volleyball have been a fundamental part of the St. Sebastian Sports Project’s lofty goal of creating a level playing field for all schools within the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

Patty continues to have an impact today as she molds not just the future volleyball stars of tomorrow but instills in all her students the appreciation of solid fundamentals, the desire to be a great teammate and the love of a game that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

10 Reasons Your Kid And You Will Love Beach Volleyball

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Written by Patty Dodd.